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 Completely Unnecessary
Let me get a few things out of the way first: 1.  The Big 5 Banks are all posting 3rd Quarter Profits for 2017.  Combined - they posted $9.89 Billion in profits for the said period.  FYI, TD posted the largest profit coming in at $2.77 Billion Dollars.  2. 
15 Boring Mortgage Facts You Probably Don't Care About
Mortgages are so's painful. And only people like Mortgage Professionals can find any excitement in Mortgage Facts - granted, most other people don't. But, we do like to share.  So please - get yourself a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and check out our 15 Mortgage Facts! ---
PST Coming To a Mortgage Near You
Just when you thought buying a home wasn't expensive enough...the good old Provincial Government goes ahead and makes it even more expensive by seasoning it with a PST tax! ...congratulations Saskatchewan - as of August 1, 2017 - you have the luxury of paying PST on your Mortage
5 Things Every Home Buyer Needs To Know
Spring is nearly over and Summer is right around the corner! This means the temperature is gonna get HOT HOT HOT! And like the temperature, the housing market will do the same. Unfortunately this leads to panic---which leads to rash decisions---and potentially leads to "Buyer's Remorse" and a
CRA Needs To Know If You Sold Your Home in 2016!
Failure to let CRA know you sold your home in 2016 could cost you up to $8,000.00 in PENALTIES!! When you complete your income tax this year, be sure to report the income.  Before you freak out - this does not mean you will be taxed on the sale of your home, rather it is to claim your
Just Because We Ask Does Not Mean We Will Receive
...would it be weird if we begged? Some of you will be in "the know" about all of the Mortgage Shenanigans we are currently facing - for others, you may have no idea, or perhaps you just don't care.   Regardless of who you are, we still think it is relevant to let you know that despite the
The Landscape for Canadian Mortgages Has Changed
Groan... For those of you who may not have heard...about 2 weeks ago our Dictators in Ottawa decided they understand Canadians and Canadian Finance better than we do ourselves and they took it upon themselves to tell us so.   Unfortunately their delivery was more of a Middle Finger than that
Interest Rates to Rise Modestly But NOT For the Reasons You May Think
Announced today, CMHC will be issuing it's First "Red Warning" on the Canadian Housing Market. ...which bids the question...what colour was it before? So what's going on?  What does this mean? The simplest answer is this, the combination of high housing prices and consumer indebtedness are
Could you Afford YOUR Mortgage under the New Rules??
"The British are Coming!  The British are Coming!!" ...and so the Paul Revere story of the Canadian Mortgage Landscape continues. Only in our case it's, "October 17th is Coming!!  October 17th is Coming!!" But take heed my fellow appears there may be a break in
Tougher Mortgage Regulations Are Coming?  Is Anyone Surprised?
Federal government announces new measures to cool housing market   The Canadian Press – October 3, 2016   TORONTO — The federal government has announced measures intended to stabilize the real estate sector amid concerns that pockets of risk have emerged in some
This Real Estate Agent is Doing it RIGHT
We stumbled across this on "The Chive"...knowing that it leads to some other questionable material...we avoided just "linking" to the blog outright.   But the post was EXCELLENT!     We just had to share it! This guy is the model of transparency when it comes to Real Estate
It's a Nice House But it Could Use Some Work
When shopping for a home – we tend to shop with our eyes…we get giddy at the colour schemes in a house, the type of staircase it has, perhaps the nicely laid out kitchen, etc. But what about those other homes – the ones that need new carpet or paint. The ones that have good