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Tougher Mortgage Regulations Are Coming?  Is Anyone Surprised?
Federal government announces new measures to cool housing market   The Canadian Press – October 3, 2016   TORONTO — The federal government has announced measures intended to stabilize the real estate sector amid concerns that pockets of risk have emerged in some
This Real Estate Agent is Doing it RIGHT
We stumbled across this on "The Chive"...knowing that it leads to some other questionable material...we avoided just "linking" to the blog outright.   But the post was EXCELLENT!     We just had to share it! This guy is the model of transparency when it comes to Real Estate
It's a Nice House But it Could Use Some Work
When shopping for a home – we tend to shop with our eyes…we get giddy at the colour schemes in a house, the type of staircase it has, perhaps the nicely laid out kitchen, etc. But what about those other homes – the ones that need new carpet or paint. The ones that have good
If Everyone Lies Then What's The Mortgage Provider Up To guessed it, they are lying too!   “A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Can a “Lie by any other name” have the same effect? Fibs, whoppers, white lies, half-truths, etc…they are still LIES.   And while not all lies are meant to hurt