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Underwater Housing?!  Yup - It's a Real Thing...and it's not pretty!
You may, or may not, have heard the phrase, "Underwater Housing" as it pertains to Home Value. So...what exactly does this mean?   Good news is it doesn't mean your house is actually underwater.   Bad news is, it's worse than that - it means you OWE more on your home than it is worth.
Best Excuses to Get out of Going to Work.  Especially on a Monday
Monday's are brutal...wouldn't it be great if they were part of the weekend?  Don't you just wish you didn't have to make up a lame excuse to skip out on work so you could just chill out and enjoy a fat day to catch up on a few season's of House MD on Netflix?   We do too.  We
How Exciting Can a Mortgage Calculator Really Be?? could it not be? maybe we are a little too excited about Mortgage Calculator's and Mortgage Calculations.  Perhaps we do look at the new Calculator line up at Staples a bit too eagerly.   What can we say?  We're Mortgage Geeks. The world is full of all sorts of
Hang in There Baby!
Buying a Home…it’s still sorta fun, depending on your perception anyway. I have been providing mortgages for people for over 13 years now.  That seems like a lifetime to me. In that time I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of people become homeowners. For some, the process is