WHOA! You're not really going to do that are you?


Hold it right there...before you pull the trigger on taking that BANK Mortgage - maybe you should read this...should only take you 3 minutes.

Want to know something incredible?

People actually spend more time researching the best price on TIRES than they do on the best pricing for their Mortgage.  WTF?!!

It's true.  Most people don't realize there is a lot of money to be saved on their mortgage simply by doing a bit of legwork.  What kind of leg work?  Oh...how about something as simple as making a phone call??

I mean...if a person can spend a few hours, days, or even weeks on the simple purchase of a set of tires to save a few hundred dollars, doesn't it seem weird that more often than not that person will not do this to save thousands (or even ten's of thousands) on their mortgage?

The reason may surprise you.

It's "ignorance".  Not in the rude sense of the word, but more to its actual meaning of the word - they just don't know any better.  

Well then Scarecrow, here's your chance to look like a smarty pants.  


By spending just a few moments, in person or on the phone, with us at FOCUS Mortgage Solutions (Regina's BEST Mortgage Broker), you could save THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of your hard earned dollars.

Now, of course this doesn't impact you if you have or make too much money...I wish I had your problems.

Until Next Time - Keep on Being Awesome Regina!!

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