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Bryan J. Baker

The Team


We thought it would be fun to have Bryan write his own biography for the website - and boy are we glad we did!  There is no way we could have done a better job.  But before you read his words, let us tell you what we can say about Bryan:
Bryan is one of the smartest people we know - granted, we don't know a lot of people (HA! HA!).  Just kidding.
Bryan is our "go-to" guy for all things Insurance and Investments.  Quite frankly, there are few people in Bryan's industry that succeed at such a high level so consistently.  
Bryan became part of the FOCUS family in early 2016, not as a mortgage associate, but rather as our Insurance Educator.    
The guy is a genius.  Plain and simple...I know it's tough to get that from the image above, but seriously - the guy has skills!
He has been instrumental in educating and facilitating FOCUS Mortgage Solutions clients in understanding and obtaining significantly better insurance products - at far better pricing - to protect their mortgage.  


What's more, the clients actually OWN their insurance policy rather than their Mortgage Company. Simply put, this means the client is in the preverbial "Driver's Seat."
This is important because insurance can be confusing and expensive...and it's terrifying to consider the real possibility of death, disability, or becoming critically ill.  God forbid it.
But don't sweat it - that's why Bryan is here.  He's here to make sure that our clients understand and get only what they need - and at a price they can afford.
Bryan is also part of the band, Slow Motion Walter, from Regina and has enjoyed performing in local pubs, music festivals, as well as being the Headliner for the Saskatchewan Roughriders party zone at the 2016 Grey Cup!!
...oh, and he's one hell of a cook too!
The guy does it all.  We are thrilled to have him as part of our growing team.  
And now...here's what Bryan has to say about himself:
...but first, we should tell you what he said in his email when he sent this to us to post:
"Hey brotherman.  Here is the first of three things I was to provide you. Feel free to edit or suggest any revisions. not easy blabbing about yerself...."
Yeah..."brotherman"...and signed simply "B".  
How cool is this cat?  Right?!
Anyway, here is what he wrote:
Bryan Baker has been duly licensed in the areas of Investments and Insurance since 2002. Bryan spent 4 years at RBC before becoming an independent advisor and broker in 2004. After brief stints with Raymond James and Professional Investment Services, Bryan found a home with Customplan Financial and Investia Financial Services Inc.

In 2006 Bryan began working with area mortgage brokers in a very successful effort to encourage their clients to choose “self owned” mortgage insurance versus insurance offered by the banks. Over the course of the next 5 years he placed over $100 million in insurance for Southern Saskatchewan Families.

In the meantime, Bryan’s investment practice concentrated on tax mitigation at retirement; a focus away from the “RRSP Koolaid” encouraged by the government and promoted by the chartered banks. This strategy involved long term(rather than short term) gain, with an eye on decreasing to the lowest level possible, taxable income at retirement. Corporate Class non-registered investing and (in 2009) the Tax Free Savings Account became important tools in this endeavour.

Today, Bryan owns a majority interest in 20/Twenty Wealth Management and is the founder of youareinsurable.ca; a website catering to the hard to insure. With the help of his partners he manages over $43 million in assets for clients in Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C. In addition, he has partnered with Jason Dornstauder and Focus Mortgage Solutions to oversee the development of it’s financial services division. He feels he shares Focus’ strong beliefs of Exceptional Client Service, Integrity and Professionalism.
Want to see the guy in action on the stage?  Check out the video!