Pro's and Con's

Refinancing your home can be one of the best decisions you have ever could also be one of the worst. 


Before doing anything, take a moment and weigh the POTENTIAL pro's and con's of your decision...

See how we used the word "potential" there...that's because every refinance situation is unique.  Your situation could improve and it could regress.  

Here's the lowdown as it were...plain and simple.  We like simple.

Potential Pro's

- Improved Cashflow

- Make Your Mortgage Tax Deductible (The Smith Manoeuvre)

- Lower Interest Rate With Increased Priveleges

- Reduced Monthly Payments by Consolidating Debts

- Reduce Mortgage Life

- Access Home Equity for a Large Expense or Life Event (Home Renovation, University Tuition, etc.)


Potential Con's

- Higher Interest Rate

- Increased Mortgage Life

- Restricted Access to Future Equity

- Mouse Trap Mortgage (Low Rate with Increased Restrictions and Reduced Privileges)


A Mortgage Refinance is a BIG DEAL and it's important to know both sides...don't gamble on something you don't understand.  We're here to help you do just that...not the gambling part...but uh, you know, the other thing ---  to UNDERSTAND!!

Most of our competitors would freak out at the idea we would even think about sharing the potential downside of a Mortgage Refinance...but we're cool that way, and we don't care what our competitors think...we prefer to keep our clients happy!

Take a moment and run a few Calculations on our Mortgage Calculator to get an idea on some payment options for what you have in mind.  This will help you in your decision process.

Have you considered the potential costs involved?  Wouldn't hurt to HERE to have a quick look.