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Just who do we think we are?!

Well, not to "toot our own horn", but we're kind of a big deal...hahaha.  Well, not really, but we were thinking it!

FOCUS Mortgage Solutions is Regina's Best Mortgage Brokerage.  Just ask our clients - they'll tell ya!  

While we serve the entire Country, Regina and Area is our Home - WE ARE RIDER FANS!  We bleed Green and White and we are not afraid to get our hands dirty.  

Of course we have the lowest mortgage rates, the best customer servicedozens and dozens of mortgage products, prettiest smiles, shiniest teeth, and blah-blah-blah...

-so does everyone else-

So why do people choose FOCUS instead of their Home Bank* or another Mortgage Brokerage*?  

We like to think it's because we are Awesome, and they* are not.  Other's would say it's because we take a stressful experience and make it enjoyable...we keep things light and fun. 

It's also because at the heart of it all, we still believe in old fashion ideas like the integrity of a hand-shake, and genuine customer service where the personal touch is not a Mass Produced Greeting Card, but rather a call out of the blue...for no reason except to say, "Hello."  

Want to see the Team?  Do so at your own Risk...

Oh yeah...we almost forgot - we are a Licensed by the good folks over at the FCAA.  Our Brokerage License is 315760.

We've built this site for YOU!  So be sure to use it at your leisure - especially our Mortgage Calculator!

Not a client yet?  What are you waiting for?  

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