ÉItŐs a new day and things are changing Őround here!

WouldnÕt you know itÉI am awful at keeping this blog up to date Ð howeverÉI feel it necessary to communicate with everyone to keep them in the loop on whatÕs going on. So, there is all this hullaballoo going on about Canadian Debt Loads Ð and whoa is everyone and doomed we all are. And the finger is pointed directly at MORTGAGES! Let me weigh in on this Ð first offÉyour entire housing debt (Mortgage, Property Taxes, Condo Fees, and a Heat Fee) is restricted to 32% of household income. Of course some lenders will permit up to 44% (in cases where individuals have exceptional credit history). My point isÉthere is no control over Loans, Credit Cards, Lines of Credit, Pay Day Loans, Instaloans, etc. But these are the culprits more often than not that are putting everyone in such a poor financial position. So Ð the lesson here is that the Mortgage Industry are not the bad guysÉwe have low interest rates to keep things affordable, and we make sure that your affordability is firmly established. Not to mention Ð those of us who are Brokers are amongst the most regulated professionals in the Finance Industry as a wholeÉbe confident in your AMP brokersÉthat stands for Accredited Mortgage ProfessionalÉthese are the guys that have earned their stripes! Plenty of Compliance to maintain there. Well Ð till next weekÉor wheneverÉhave a good one! ohÉlastly Ð if you want to see something really groovy Ð take a look at our Trusted Regina page. Go to trustedregina.com and click on mortgages! Look and see what others have said about us! Woo Hoo!