Falling Real Estate Commissions? Really?!

"The Landscape is Getting Crowded", says CBC's Sophia Harris, referring to the number of Real Estate Agents that are currently vying for your business.

Translation - There's just too many!

It appears that even though the market is congested with Real Estate Agents...there is a positive that has come from it...that is the increased likelihood of a "Duelling Agents" scenario where commissions are reduced in order to secure your business.

In my opinion - I think Falling Real Estate Commissions are coming way too late in the game.  I think there should have been a cap system in place long ago.  But that's just me I guess.

I for one love the spirit of competition though, just ask anyone who knows me, it gets my motor running.  

So, what about the old saying, "You get what you pay for?" - well, that is certainly not something to be overlooked.  

Will an agent work harder for you for less money?

Will an agent work harder for you for more money?

Hmmm...some points to consider before you get too riled up to take the agent with the lowest offer.

And in reality - it's sort of similar to the Mortgage Market.  More often than not, the product with the lowest rate is not necessarily the best product available.  Yes it looks cheap - but in the end it could be a huge problem.

Want to read the full CBC article?  Here is the link!