FOCUS Mortgage SolutionsÉConversations with the competitorÉitŐs not always about the best rateÉbut in some cases it is!

Competitor: You canÕt offer 3.59% on a 5 year fixed rate! ThatÕs false advertising! Me: Just because YOU canÕt (you know who you are!) Ð does not negate the fact that I can and do. Competitor: How is that possible? Me: IÕm sorry, but itÕs an ancient Chinese SecretÉonly my clients get to find out. Competitor: You have to be charging then for that kind of rate. Me: Nope Ð as always our service is FREE! Competitor: blah blah blahÉyou canÕt do itÉblah blah blahÉitÕs impossible because I canÕt do itÉblah blah blahÉetc. Me: You have a nice dayÉI can refer you a good therapist if you need help getting over your inferiority complex. Éthis is based on a REAL conversation I had while shopping for a few items at my local SobeyÕs just the other day. In the end I politely dismissed myself and told them if they really wanted to know how I did it that I would be pleased to show them if they were interested in becoming a client! So far no calls! ButÉthe fact is, as of this morning I am STILL offering 3.59% (And Lower in some cases) for a 5 Year fixed MortgageÉwhile my competition is happy to hand out 3.69% and sever half of their earningsÉwe have decided to go a bit farther for your long term benefit! Call today! 877-75-FOCUS!