The Funniest Signs You've Never Read!

Probably the Funniest We've Ever Seen!

Every now and again we all see a sign that we can't ever forget.

Be prepared to see much more than you bargained for with these beauties.



"Xo - Nick."  Yeah - like that's gonna make it less Creepy


Oh Look!  He's a Hybrid - Great for the Environment!


2 Words - "Jimmy Hoffa"


Anyone else want to leave their neighbours kids unattended?


Old've been warned.


Probably the best way to get me to a Garage Sale.  Genius.

Who doesn't like 10 free Chicken Strips?


You can NEVER out run the's ALL YOUR FAULT. 


Oh come on - I can't be the only one that wants to break the glass.


You don't need a Magic 8 Ball to know how this is gonna play out...His future doesn't look too good. 


Dog's are awesome.  Nuff Said.


Jokes on them...I don't WEAR undergarments.


Best-Sign-EVER.  Parents get it.


My OCD is in overdrive...I must know what's on the other half!


RIP Your Dog.


Officially the creepiest intersection - Ever.


Neighbourhood Watch in Canada - We Have Dead Martial Artists Lurking EVERYWHERE!


My Bad...honest mistake.


Creative Win!


Except for Bears...they can eat anything.


Hank Hill - You Bastard!  


Another Canadian Neighbourhood Watch Sign...Don't mess with us.


Merry Grinchmas...I'm going to Set You on Fire.


Remember that guy who had a reward for his Dog and not his wife?  His house is for sale.


Canadians - Another Win...even Spiderman will leave New York to do his part.


Quitting is hard...even for Cats.


Well, at least they know it's crap. 


I bet she sells the dog too.


What you don't know is that their Grandson is 40 years old.


Every neighbourhood's got one.


Anyone else thinking their problems are not so bad anymore?


Still just a "suggestion" in Quebec.


Got Lemons?  This guy is doing it right.


I don't know for sure - but I don't think I want to find out.


The safest Neighbourhood in Canada...right here.  Bring it.


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Keep on being awesome and know we are right here when you need us!


**Disclaimer:  We do not claim the rights or imply ownership of any of the above images.  We just found them incredibly funny and wanted to share them with all of you.