How Exciting Can a Mortgage Calculator Really Be?? could it not be? maybe we are a little too excited about Mortgage Calculator's and Mortgage Calculations.  Perhaps we do look at the new Calculator line up at Staples a bit too eagerly.  

What can we say?  We're Mortgage Geeks.

The world is full of all sorts of Geeks.  Comic Book Geeks, Movie Geeks, Celebrity Geeks, etc.  We are Mortgage Geeks.

And we make no apologies.

We are so proud of our New set of Mortgage Calculators.  We've got 2 of them.  

Our first Mortgage Calculator - which you can find by clicking on this link <HERE> is our "Baby Kahuna".  This is the fast track one that allows you to punch in your Purchase Price, tell us how much your Down Payment is...and then BAM - POW!  It instantly calculates your Payment based on Monthly, Semi Monthly, Bi-Weekly, or Weekly Payments...what's really awesome though is that it also forecasts and includes the Mortgage Insurance Premium you may have to pay.

There's nothing worse than looking up a payment option for a $350,000.00 mortgage at 2.69% and then finding out you were wrong...and that your payment is actually higher than you were expecting.  It's all because of those damn CMHC fees!  

For the record we blame it all on CMHC...but it could very well be Genworth or Canada Guaranty as well.  It's just too easy to pick on the Government though.

Our Mortgage Calculator's account for these things...just to get you as accurate a picture as possible.

Our "Big Kahuna" Mortgage Calculator is where the show gets really interesting.  This thing pukes out all sorts of extra information that most people don't need - BUT - every now and again you get someone really savvy out there who wants ALL the information...a full Amortization schedule with Total Principal and Total Interest costs...this baby is for them.  

Check it out over <HERE>.

We are very proud of them - maybe a bit too proud.  But hey - we've done it with you in mind.  

Keep on being awesome!  And don't forget to tell your friends about us!

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