Just wanted to reach out to everyone to let you know we have some crazy big changes coming to our website and our blog! Unfortunately at this timeÉour website and our blog operate as two individual components that are increasingly difficult to operate at the same time. BUTÉwe have been putting some ÒlyraÓ, ÒscratchÓ, ÒpesoÕsÓ, ÒrubblesÓ, ÒcashÓ (you get the ideaÉ), in to some new stuff Ð some new CUTTING EDGE stuff. We have a NEW websiteÉfrom the ground up. A whole new lookÉa lot better lay out Ð and more personal ÒtouchÓ to it than our existing site. This means our Blog will receive the same awesome treatment. Our blog and website integration will be wonderful with regular (weekly) updates to keep everyone in the know about everything mortgage. Granted Ð mortgages are more boring than churchÉbut hey Ð itÕs what we geek out too. Besides Ð if you want to be entertained, we suggest you bounce over to our Facebook page for a few chuckles. We are ReginaÕs BEST! WeÕd love to prove it to you. Stay tuned!