ItŐs HOT!!!!!

I read that yesterday there were like13 hot weather records broken in the provinceÉyikes! Currently I am sitting in my office wishing the air conditioning workedÉbut it is not Ð I am actually melting at the momentÉand I have a pair of clients on their way in to see meÉthat should be fun. I bet they are going to love my hot box office. Oh well, I suppose it could be worseÉmortgage rates could be going up. But donÕt sweat it Ð nothing of the sort is happening at the moment. Some folks are worried about the new Mortgage Rules that took affect yesterdayÉthe 30 year amortization is no longer availableÉnot to worry, the feds offset this with an increase in the allowable debt service ratio Ð so really it is replacing the 30 year amortization. BesidesÉthe largest reason people were doing 30 year mortgages was to have their affordability in line with the governmentÕs requirements. No longer an issue. CanÕt buy that big fancy house? No problem! Find a house you can afford!