Just “Google Me”?!

Okay, I know that everyone who reads this blog is a die hard Mortgage News Junkie and you wait for your fix via this blog. Well, I hate to disappoint, but this posting will have almost NOTHING to do with mortgages, the new mortgage changes, blah blah blahÉ Rather, todayÕs message is about a suggestion I had from 2 lovely ladies yesterdayÉbefore I start a diatribe of verbal diarrhoea, let me bring you up to speed a bit. As you knowÉor perhaps SHOULD know, FOCUS Mortgage Solutions is a member of the TrustedRegina.com online directory. ItÕs a groovy little website that seeks out proper businesses that exemplify the qualities we all seek in any businessÉenter, TRUSTED. They make sure that businesses donÕt just ÒsayÓ they are good Ð rather they keep their members accountableÉto make sure they are actually following through with their statements. Long story shortÉI met with Sara and Renee (yeahÉpretty sure I just spelled her name wrong)Éthey told me about my Ògoogle analyticsÓ. ÒGoogle Analytics?Ó Ð yeah, I know right Ð what the heck is that?! Well, itÕs some fancy tracking tool to see when people are looking for you on the google. They suggested I start saying the following, ÒJust Google Me!Ó. I am old fashioned, surprise, and you can only imagine how I felt when the suggestion came up. It still takes me off guard when I hear it Ð because letÕs face it, ÒgooglingÓ sounds dirty! Well, never one to back down from a dareÉmay I just say now, I invite all of you to ÒGoogle Me!Ó. Cheers!