Magnum PI, Freddie Couples, MyselfÉand Ripped Pants

I am gonna pull a ÒMagnum PIÓ reference on you right nowÉÓI know what youÕre thinkingÉÓ, those of you old enough to remember when Tom Selleck was the moustached man of mystery will remember it. So, here we go. Starting over. ÒOkay, I know what youÕre thinkingÉÓ(see how I did thatÉbeauty!). How did I rip Fred Couples pants? Well, let me explain. It wasnÕt his pantsÉit was mineÉ You see, I was invited to a Golf Tournament a week ago where His Golf Highness, Mr. Fred Couples, was also in attendance. WowÉwhat an opportunity! One of the most prolific golfers of our time! And he was as down to earth as you could expect. It was an honor just to meet the man! I met the man with the Òsweetest swing in the majorÕs!Ó IÕm gushingÉsorryÉbut it was FREDDIE COUPLES!! LetÕs keep rolling on with the storyÉas my team approached the green on our 2nd hole, I crouched down to take a better look at the lie of the ball in order to plan my next shot, as I crouched downÉa thunderous ÒRIPÓ could be heardÉI had done it. In front of God and his creation, with 16 holes to go, on a frigid October morning in Saskatoon, SaskatchewanÉI had ripped my pants. Brrr! Was I embarrassed? Not really. Was I wearing long underwear? Yes, yes I was! So, what to do? Well, I puffed up my chest, I held my head high, I took the ridicule, I made my shot, and I played on. ÉI had a plan. You see, we were near the clubhouseÉand being the person I am, I am always preparedÉI had a change of clothing in my rental car and was able to quickly remedy my unfortunate situationÉsurprised? DonÕt be, I am always ready. This is supposed to be a Mortgage BlogÉhow in the world does this story have ANYTHING to do with Mortgages? Well Ð not much reallyÉmore itÕs a testimony of who I amÉas well as those that work with me. My point of this blog is that I have been doing this Mortgage Brokering thing for quite a long time now, and in that time the industry has undergone enormous changes. While other Brokers and Mortgage Specialists clammer to adapt to the changeÉmy office and I are always prepared. We donÕt always know exactly what is going to happen, or when for that matter. After all, we arenÕt psychics, but we do have our finger on the pulse of the industry. We are constantly staying ahead of the game and staying prepared for the possibility of change. We are always learning. We are always educating. And we always have a back up pair of pantsÉjust in case, figuratively speaking of courseÉor am I? The bottom line is this, mortgage laws, and rules will continue to change. We will stay proactive rather than reactive to when such changes occur. ItÕs a BIG DEAL that we operate this wayÉitÕs YOUR MONEY and YOUR HOME! DonÕt just trust it to anyoneÉuse a TRUSTED Mortgage Professional! For the record, Fred never played; he didnÕt even swing a clubÉhe claimed he was recovering from injuryÉyeah, likely story. I think I could have given him a pretty good run for his money thoughÉ Next Time Couples! Next Time! Jason Dornstauder AMP* and partner. (*Accredited Mortgage ProfessionalÉthis ainÕt my first rodeo!) Got Questions? I got time! Give me a call in Regina at 306-205-1270 or Saskatoon at 306-373-6287Éor from anywhere else in this beautiful country of ours Toll Free at 877-75-FOCUS (877-753-6287). You can find the FOCUS Mortgage Solutions Team (Mortgage Brokerage License 315760) online at , at 104 Ð 438 East Victoria Avenue Regina, AND check out their listing on TRUSTED in the REGINA MORTGAGE category Éthey are your REGINA MORTGAGE EXPERTS!