Mortgage Fraud Surprise! It can happen here!

By now you should know that the Bank of Montreal has uncovered an enormous FRAUD issue that started off as being in the 30 million dollar rangeÉmost recently it was announced it is in the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of DOLLARS! AndÉthey uncovered this fraud in CALGARY! YIKES! NOT CALGARY! So what is going on? Simple Ð GREED. TSK TSK TSK. I thought we as Canadians were better than thatÉitÕs quite disheartening to see an MP brought in to this mess Ð I thought our politicians were all hard working, honest men and womenÉokay Ð I canÕt go on like thatÉitÕs just to hard to keep a straight face! I have made mention on a number of occasions that this industry needs to be policed a lot better Ð and that we need to have stronger penalties for rogue brokers, realtors, and lawyers. I hope this is the wake up call that has been gone without for so long. All in all, itÕs a sad time for brokerÕs the whole country over Ð I am pleased however to announce that FOCUS Mortgage Solutions is Squeaky Clean. We stop fraud in itÕs tracks. We hold firmly that there is NO GREY AREA in the mortgage industry Ð thatÕs why our colours are black and whiteÉwe know otherÕs are exploiting loop holes Ð we have chosen to be better than that Ð we are setting the bench mark. You can be confident when you choose a FOCUS Mortgage Solutions Agent Ð we really do have you as our focus Ð if we canÕt get you a mortgage today, we work with you to help you get to the point where you can get a mortgage. To stay current on CanadaÕs mortgage trends, I encourage you to visit often! Cheers! Jason Dornstauder AMP FOCUS Mortgage Solutions Inc.