“My friend told me I could afford a mortgage of blah blah blah…”

Stop right thereÉyour friend is an idiot and you should not listen to anything they say about much you can afford for a mortgageÉunless of course your friend is an actual Mortgage Professional. When it comes time to buying a house or a car or even a dogÉthere are more Òqualified professionalsÓ in your life than you can imagine Ð itÕs like seeing 20 Doctors for the same problemÉyouÕll likely hear 20 different things. Why should mortgages be any different? This blog is not to hammer away on our friends or the stupidity we fall in to when we take their bad adviceÉinstead this is to help you get a better understanding of how the whole thing comes together. The next 4 blogs we publish will be about the Real Mortgage Approval Criteria as set out by the Mortgage Insurance Companies. WeÕll keep it light and entertaining as we always doÉso stay tuned! Our first CRITERIA item will come to you on Friday, April 11th! We will be focusing on CREDIT. See you Friday!