Our D-I-V-O-R-C-E...

Does anyone else hear Tammy Wynette?  Does anyone else know who the hell that is?

Well, let me tell you...she was a famous/infamous Country Music artist back in the day.  Her voice makes me want to vomit.

But hey, my love of Country and/or Western Music is for another day.  Today we are gonna spend a little time on DIVORCE.  I would like to take credit for these Pearls of Wisdom, but I cannot.  However...I did edit it...I'm sure you'll catch my "two cents".

Today's blog was written by Lia Ebach.  Lia is one of our up and coming Mortgage Associates.  



Divorce - What to do now.

If statistics are anywhere near reality, chances are good that someone you know is facing a relationship breakdown.  Maybe...just maybe, that someone is you!

Life sucks sometimes.

In a perfect world, we could all gallop off in to a wooden glen to punch-dance out our rage.  In a perfect world we wouldn't be dealing with this crap in the first place, right?

In a perfect world we would all be models...and rich...and we would all have fragrances named after us...

Sadly, our world is not perfect.  And we are not all models, we are not all rich, and we don't have fragrances named after us...although a lot of people do have an odor.  And that's just gross.

Face it, sometimes we gotta bite the bullet and deal with things head on.  Deciding on how to deal with the family home after a break up can be one of the most hear breaking and awful parts of ending a marriage.  Every little thing becomes over-complicated.  

Some big decisions are going to have to be made.  Decisions that will affect YOUR future, not just the family home.  There are a lot of questions to ask yourself:

 - Are you going to sell the house and divide the proceeds?

 - Can you buy out your spouse and keep the home?

 - Would you like your spouse to buy you out so you can start fresh?

 - Is it possible, or beneficial, to continue to own the house jointly for a while?

 - Can either of you AFFORD to keep the home on your own merit?

 - What about the debts you incurred together - who get's those?  

 - Doesn't his new girlfriend look fat in those pants? [Jason's input...hahaha!]

Separation and Divorce are both delicate situations.  After all, there is already so much confusion and uncertainty...what you need most at a time like this is some straight-forward guidance...some well informed, GOOD advice.

You need someone who can help you move forward and avoid some of the pitfalls that can cost extra money and/or damage your credit.

At FOCUS Mortgage Solutions, we see this stuff regularly, and it's always a very tender issue.  Nobody wants to think about these things or deal with the stress that goes hand in hand with it...but, we're here to help.  And if that means we stock up on Kleenex and spend extra time with you, then you can count on us.

Should you find yourself in this position - give us a call.  We'll hold your hand and walk you through it.

Whether you just have questions about the buyout process, or about "getting out of Dodge" and starting over in a place of your own - feel free to bend our ear.  We'll listen and provide you with all of your options...we'll even show you how to protect and even IMPROVE your credit score during the Separation/Divorce.  

At FOCUS, we actually give a damn...so if you are in this situation now, or facing it, give us a call and take those next steps with confidence.  

Lia Ebach.