SsssssshÉ.do you hear that?

First of all Ð sorry for the LOOOOOOOONG holiday. The Blog is definitely a priority of mineÉitÕs just near the bottom. With all of the stuff that normally fills my day Ð it is sometimes just difficult to get to it. But Ð I am going to make a diligent effort to all of you to stay current. HereÕs a piece of news some of you may not knowÉPrime is at 2.75%! And Ð we are discounting the heck out of it. ÒGet your RED HOT Rates HERE! Discounted Rates!Ó ThatÕs right Ð .70% BELOW PRIME!!!!!!!!!!!! And our fixed stuff is awesome too Ð like a 5 year at 3.89% WOW! Tune in next time Ð hopefully I stay committed! Cheers!