The Truth is Out There!

ÉWe have some news of the upcoming Mortgage Changes. Effective April 9, 2010 Ð if you are Self EmployedÉyou better be able to prove your income and have at least 10% down payment! There is some room for Newly Self Employed people Ð but only if you have more than 2 years but less than 3 as Self Employed. ItÕs a little silly Ð we know. Also Ð with respect to qualifying Ð it looks like we will have a Bank of Canada 5 year posted rate that we will be subject to. This means that banks will and brokers will all have to play the same game for qualifying our clients Ð BUT Ð donÕt just go to the bank blindly. Just because you have to qualify at a high interest rate, does not mean you have to pay a high interest rate! That type of logic is best left for sheep. Those who are savvy and are in the know will be able to save thousands and thousands of dollarsÉconsider yourself (yes you Ð the reader) to now be in the knowÉyup Ð you are savvy! Call us toll free at 877-75-FOCUS (877-753-6287) with any questions! Cheers!