WOW! RATES ARE UP�.told ya so!

I am not a prophet of doom and gloomÉbut I told you so! Rates are upÉbut no worriesÉI can still offer rates under 4%Éthe banks still canÕt touch us! The reason for the increaseÉit appears to be a secret because absolutely no one I talk to can point to any economic indicators that would perpetuate any reason for this dramatic increase! I suppose we can chalk it up to a few possibilitiesÉ1. The banks were bailed out to lend more! 2. Now that they have all this freed up cash to lend Ð they may as well charge a premium for it! Do I sound Jaded? Well itÕs true because I am! I am tired of Banks doing what they feel is their Òright of passageÓ. ThatÕs why I do what I do! I get to do their jobÉand charge them for it instead of you!