Why Should I Use FOCUS Instead of My Bank

Unlike the Hollyfield Vs Tyson match from yester-year...this one isn't even a contest!

FOCUS Mortgage Solutions win hands down.  Yeah yeah, we know - that's a pretty bold statement.  But it's true.

Why you ask?  

Well, obviously we are faster, cheaper, and have way more products to choose from, there's that...and we're better looking.

Okay, maybe we aren't better looking, but everything else is pretty accurate.

Don't go beating up your bank though...they do provide a service..."mortgages" are just one they don't do as well as we do.  They can do it...but it's likely going to take longer, cost you more, and you will be pigeon holed in to one of their products where you may not experience the most comfort.

We have access to enormous volumes of mortgage products.  Our knowledge is strictly related to "all that is Mortgage"...we don't offer you investment advice, retirement advice, savings accounts, etc...we are strictly Mortgage based.  Our extensive knowledge of the Canadian Mortgage Market is at your disposal.

Still not sure?

Okay, how about this...Brokers are like COSTCO.  Banks are like 7-11.  When it's time to buy groceries, where would you go to insure you got the best products for the best price?

If you picked 7-11, you either have too much money or you have never heard of COSTCO.

The right answer is Costco. They are convenient, have more products, and cost much less.  

When deciding on your next mortgage...consider we fit the COSTCO model...Banks, yours included, prefer the 7-11 model.  They couldn't be happier to take your money!