FOCUS on Random Acts of Kindness

Introducing F.R.A.K!


From the over-active imagination of FOCUS Mortgage Solutions…comes FRAK!


What the heck is FRAK??

It's our FOCUS on Random Acts of Kindness!!

Beginning in March of 2016, FOCUS Mortgage Solutions will be committing $500.00 per month (minimum) that will be available to all Kids Charities, Groups, and Fund Raising Initiatives of Regina and Area...although we will make exceptions to the rule now and again.  For instance, we provided funds to families affected by the Fort MacMurray fires last year, as well as small scholarship to a young man who has gone off to University in British Columbia to pursue his Education and Baseball Dream.

Why?  Because we want to.

We’ve always been generous with charity and good will…we’re honoured to give back to our community!

Here’s a glimpse of some of what we’ve done over the years:

    - Raised and Committed approximately $20,000.00 for Regina KidSport.

    - Provided Raffle and Auction Prizes to local Jr. Hockey Organizations, Sports Teams, and Charity Golf Tournaments.

    - Provided Financial Support for the Learning Disabilities Association of Saskatchewan:

         o Summer Camp T-Shirts Design and Supply (4 Years)

         o Provided Funds to send a Nursing Student to the Philippines, along with a New Laptop!

    - Provided 32 Families with $200.00 each to purchase Sporting Goods for family use during our FOCUS on Fitness Campaign in 2012.

    - In participation with Markusson New Holland we provided over $1600.00 to the ALS Society for the Ice Bucket Challenge!

    - Provided $1500.00 to a local School Football Team for Equipment.

Here's what we did in our FIRST Year of FRAK!


    - Provided over $1200.00 (Year over Year and there's no end in sight) to less fortunate families for school supplies.

    - Provided the Davin School Dragons with 30 New Basketball and Volleyball Uniforms.

    - Provided the Soul’s Harbor with funding to support their Women’s Addiction Shelter.

    - Provided the Quinn Nameth Cancer Fund.

    - Provided Funds to Team Omaze Project .

    - Provided a small scholarship for a young man who went to University in British Columbia.

    - Provided funds to support the community of Strasbourgh for a kids hockey tournament coming up in 2017.

    - Provided funds to the Balgonie Elementary School to be used towards their prensentation of Alladin Jr. the Musical in 2017.



We love being part of this wonderful community.



And we look forward to being part of it for many years to come!

How can you benefit from FRAK?

It’s easy!!  Just follow THIS LINK to our Application page.  Then all you gotta do is print off a copy, complete it, and either Fax or email it to us for consideration!

*If you already have a Sponsorship Package prepared, you can email or fax that instead. email to  OR   


Preference will be given to local community efforts.


While all applications will be entertained, keep in mind that many will apply, but few will be selected.

Who should apply?

    - Kids Activity Providers and Charities

    - Family Oriented Activity Providers and Charities

    - Public Reading Programs and Public Arts Programs

    - Public Schools for Special Events and Classroom Needs

    - Animal Wellness Charities and Care Providers

    - University and College Activities

Who should not apply?

    - Registered National Charities (Cancer Society, MS Society, ALS Society, etc.)

    - Religious Organizations - Disaster Relief Projects

    - Scholarship Seekers