I am Self Employed

Being Self Employed is great, most of the time…but it does come with its challenges.

With recent changes (2013/2014) to Canadian Lending Laws, being Self Employedor "Business for Self" as we call it in the Big Leagues, can make things difficult when it comes to obtaining a mortgage. 

Sadly today, Banks are afraid of their own shadow, and while they won’t come out and say it, if you are Self Employed, you are TOXIC to them.  


Because you bring RISK to the table…and Banks don’t like taking risks on anyone, regardless of relationship history.

We say, “Risk Schmisk!”…BRING IT ON!!  We’ve got our big boy pants on...we'll gladly accept the challenge.

But hey…you’re not here to be told something you already know, you’re here because you want to know how to get a Mortgage if you are a Self Employed professional.

No Problem...

First things first…you have to identify which Business For Self (BFS) category you fall in to, there’s only 2 categories, so this shouldn’t be too hard:

1.  I can prove my income from Income Tax History
2.  I can't prove my income from Income Tax History…because I write everything off

Don’t worry…we can help both types, but the process is a bit different for each.

Click on the category-link above you think fits your situation to get a feel for what's in store for you.

Tired of Clicking?  Then give us a call…we still use our telephones for the reason they were intended - - – to have REAL conversations.  We would be happy to take time to answer your questions.  It’s what we do!