I'm Just Mortgage Rate Shopping

Careful...you just might get what you are looking for!

If you think a Low Mortgage Rate is the end all and be all of a good Mortgage...you would be wrong.

Low Mortgage Rates are a Fickle Mistress, they may look attractive on the surface but they could end up being a little more than you bargained for...and not in a "Happy Good Fun" way.  

Let's be clear...mortgage rates are nothing more than a price tag.  

Don't be foolish or impulsive!  

Buying from the "discount bin" makes sense when its only a few bucks, but when you start talking in the thousands and hundreds of thosands...you could end up doing some serious damage.  

Banks are always trying to find a way to beat us brokers at our own game.  They resort to some pretty underhanded tactics from time to time...sadly they don't give a damn how many people they hurt in the process.  

You read that right...we said it. 

One of their tactics has become known as the "Fish Hook" and/or "Mouse Trap."  

You have likely seen it before, when out of nowhere a bank begins to promote a mortgage that seems too good to be true...and we all know what they say about that, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

Be careful though...more often than not, that low rate interest rate equates to a piece of cheese...and before you know it...


...you're left with the short term satisfaction of the cheese, but soon enough you realize you maybe should have assessed the situation a bit better before you acted on impulse.

These horrible mortgage products are loaded with multiple restrictions, few privileges, and in some cases cannot be broken...and if they can be broken - the cost is rather severe, even if you SELL the home!

Cool your jets...TALK TO US - our service costs you nothing...the effort it takes for you to dial a phone and ask some basic questions about "that low rate you saw" could end up being one of the smartest calls you have made.  

If you want to get an idea on payments based on one rate to another - run a few scenarios on our Mortgage Calculator!  

There's good news for our clients...we don't mess around with "Mouse Traps and Fish Hooks", our rates are always incredibly low, and typically we have the same (or better) low rate you saw, coupled with a superior product with more privileges to suit you better...you know, just in case "Life Happens."