I'm New to Canada


Welcome to Canada!!  Now, let's help you get in to a home of your own!

Yes...we can do that.


Canada is a melting pot of cultures...and in the spirit of growth and equity, there are programs that exist JUST FOR YOU when it's time for you to purchase a home.

Did you know:

- You may be able to purchase your first home in Canada with as little as 5% Down?

- You don't have to be a Permanent Resident?

- You don't need to have Canadian Credit?

It's all true. 

With access to different Mortgage Insurance Products, we at FOCUS can help you get the mortgage you need.  

Keep in mind, all mortgage applications are unique and not everyone qualifies for the same products.  

Below is a video from Genworth - one of Canada's Leading Mortgage Isurance Providers - their "New to Canada" program is perhaps the most popular when it comes to Landed Immigrants and New Residents.

If this sounds like the mortgage you are looking for, then click on the button below to Apply.