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As of October 17, 2016 all Insured Mortgages must Qualify at the Canadian Benchmark.

As of February 15, 2016 - Down Payment rules have changed for purchases over $500,000.00.


Regarding purchases over $500,000.00, the new rules require a minimum Down Payment of 5% on the first $500,000.00 and then 10% on the Balance.

For example - if you purchase a home for $600,000.00 - you would have to put down $25,000.00 for the first $500,000.00 and then an additional $10,000.00 for the extra $100,000.00 you are borrowing...this equates to $35,000.00.  

Under the old rules of a straight 5% Down Payment requirement - the total Down Payment required would have been $30,000.00 - so this new requirement is going to sting a few.

Don't worry about trying to do the math on your own...our calculator will be able to do it for you!

With respect to the Canadian Benchmark criteria - this does not mean your rate will be set at the Benchmark rate, rather your affordability must be calculated against it rather than the actual rate you will pay.

This effort has been put forward to help cool the Red Hot Canadian Housing Market.  You can write your Thank You letters to our Minister of Finance and our Prime Minister.