A Look At Our Rates

DISCLAIMER:  While we do our best to keep our rates as current as possible, we are only human and from time to time we may be a bit late with an update.  
Rest assured though, if you've seen a lower rate elsewhere you don't see here...it's entirely likely we have the same or better rate available!
Keep in mind, rates are subject to frequent change, without notice, and some conditions apply.  To be sure, call for details!
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Rates Posted Term Our Rate*
$7.80 Bank of Canada Bench Mark (For Mortgages with less than 20% Down Payment) $6.59
6.34% 5 Year Fixed (Insured with Less than 20% Down Payment) 4.54%
7. 84 5 Year Fixed Conventional (More than 20% Down Payment or Equity) 5.29%
7.20% 5 Years Adjustable With Full Privileges. (Insured) 5.80%
7.70% 5 Year Adjustable Conventional (More than 20% Down Payment or Equity) 5.80%