Is a Refinance Right for Me

Accessing Home Equity by Refinancing is a fantastic option. 

It can be great for something as simple as opening up your monthly cash flow by consolidating your current debts at a spectacular low interest rate; complete a few home improvements, leverage investing;  or obtaining equity for an upcoming purchase...perhaps a New Vehicle or even a 2nd home for the kids as they run off to University.

Your situation could be one of these - or it could be something uniquely your own.  Whatever your reason, you can count on us to make sure you get the best possible Mortgage Product to meet your end goal!  Oh...and don't confuse  "Low Interest Rates" for  "Great Mortgages".  Take a second to visit our Fish Hooks and Mouse Traps page to see what we are talking about.

But before you do anything, take a few seconds and review the questions to ask yourself before proceeding...maybe a refinance isn't right for you.  If you answer "yes" to any of these questions - then a refinance is at least worth investigating a bit further.  

Ask yourself the following:

- Does the immediate benefit of a refinance enhance my current situation?

- Will a refinance reduce my monthly expenses?

- Will I receive a lower rate that will allow me to pay my mortgage off faster?

- Is it worth the cost associated with the refinance...including penalties from my current mortgage provider?

- Will I look back on this and be satisfied I made the right decision?

Use our Mortgage Calculator to run payment options.  

As with ALL mortgages today...we still have to be conscious of the 4 Main Criteria involved...of course realizing the Down Payment would be a moot point in this scenario.  Click on the link to learn more.

The Cardinal Rule of Refinancing is this..."Don't Gamble!"  BE SURE TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK!! 

Still not sure?  Need to bounce it off someone to help you with your decision?  Give us a call...let's talk about it.  If a refinance is not right for you - we'll tell ya!

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Want to see the "Pro's and Con's" before making that call?  Head over HERE for the breakdown.

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