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Want to know how CMHC keeps this mortgage market moving??
Click on the link below Ð to all those who have ever wondered how this big Mortgage Market continues to be successful, and for those who just crave information, I think you will find this article quite interesting! INSIDE CMHC And letÕs not forget the holiday spirit Ð Act now and you
Mortgages for the Self Employed  Who said these were hard?
We pride ourselves on only using the BEST LenderÕs in the countryÉand we donÕt just let anyone be part of our team. We are pleased to announce that Street Capital has recently become one of our new lenders of choice. Street Capital brings a nice niche product for the self
Gas Prices Are on the Rise = Mortgage Rates will be up too!
ItÕs kind of funny how it works Ð butÉitÕs true. If you have been looking to do something with your mortgage Ð best not wait too long Ð when gas prices go up mortgage rates often follow suit! Call today Ð our service is totally
WOW  The National Post is turning in to a medium of Misinformation Faster than I thought!
First off, here is the link to the article in question: Let me just say this Ð if this person actually spent time in trying to understand the Canadian Mortgage Industry instead of just
Rates are on the Rise!
DonÕt miss the boat! Get your Mortgage Rate locked in at todayÕs low rates before itÕs too
Canadian Mortgage Rate Special!!!
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Hey Canada Ð itÕs getting cold outside Ð why not make your house happy with a smokinÕ hot mortgage from FOCUS Mortgage Solutions! We are a totally FREE Service with access to the deepest discounts from the biggest mortgage lenders! Call today Ð 877-753-6287Éfor
Rate Special!
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September 21st is the International Day of
Welcome to Our Blog! Woo Hoo!
We canÕt wait to get this baby rolling! Hey, we could tell you Òwe have the best mortgage rates, the best service, blah blah blahÒÉbut then we would sound like everyone else! We would rather you experience it for yourself! Your mortgage is a big deal! DonÕt let