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Let’s get some things straight…Do you really need 20% Down Payment???
The answer is ÒYESÓ if you are buying a RENTAL PROPERTY. The answer is ÒNOÓ if you are purchasing your own First Home. Other questions on peopleÕs minds: ÒI am Self EmployedÉHow Does this affect me?Ó Ð SimpleÉyou need to prove your
When will rates be going up???
Well, suffice to say my crystal ball is on the fritzÉbecause I did not see our most recent rate hike comingÉthere were no long term yield buzz or anything! It just sorta happened because the banks wanted to make more money. After all, a record breaking year (IN A RECESSION!!!) just
WOW! RATES ARE UP….told ya so!
I am not a prophet of doom and gloomÉbut I told you so! Rates are upÉbut no worriesÉI can still offer rates under 4%Éthe banks still canÕt touch us! The reason for the increaseÉit appears to be a secret because absolutely no one I talk to can point to any
The Truth is Out There!
ÉWe have some news of the upcoming Mortgage Changes. Effective April 9, 2010 Ð if you are Self EmployedÉyou better be able to prove your income and have at least 10% down payment! There is some room for Newly Self Employed people Ð but only if you have more than 2 years but
We knew Changes to Canadian Mortgage’s was coming…and here it is!
Here is the quick and dirty: MORTGAGE INSURANCE RULES ANNOUNCEMENT This morning, Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced prudent changes to mortgage insurance rules intended to come into force on April 19, 2010. The Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP) was
Looks like I wasÉdare I say itÉÉ.ÓRIGHT!Ó. Mr. Flaherty has changed his tuneÉafter all of his off the cuff remarks Ð it turns out he got someone to do a little research on the subject. Take a look at this link -hot off the press!
Oh Canada! Sure we are boring, says our neighbours to the south, but – – – we are Solvent!
I had a smile on my face when I read this article. I am sure you will too! Take a look at the article below or visit the following link for the story at Ñ Canadians May Be Boring Ñ But
Did you Hear???? Homeowners are Playing it Safe afterall!
86% of home owners in Canada have chosen FIXED Rate MortgagesÉsee the full article at Currently you can take advantage of our 5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage at 3.69% Ð this is a limited time offer so call today!
Hot off the Press! Canadians CAN Manage their Mortgages!
Contrary to what Mr. Jim Flaherty (our finance minister) has recently said Ð Canadians can manage their mortgages. Not only that, but a comprehensive study by the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP) states that ÒCanadian mortgage lenders and borrowers,
Changes to make it harder for us Canadians to get a mortgage?! I thought it was tough already!
For those of you who missed it, CanadaÕs finance minister Ð Hon Jim Flaherty, thinks Canadians are struggling with too much debt. His answer to combat this is simple Ð ÒMake it tougher for Canadians to get MortgagesÓ. ÒMr. Flaherty said in an interview with CTV
Want to know how CMHC keeps this mortgage market moving??
Click on the link below Ð to all those who have ever wondered how this big Mortgage Market continues to be successful, and for those who just crave information, I think you will find this article quite interesting! INSIDE CMHC And letÕs not forget the holiday spirit Ð Act now and you
Mortgages for the Self Employed – Who said these were hard?
We pride ourselves on only using the BEST LenderÕs in the countryÉand we donÕt just let anyone be part of our team. We are pleased to announce that Street Capital has recently become one of our new lenders of choice. Street Capital brings a nice niche product for the self