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The Big 4 Part 1 - Mortgage Criteria That Is!
 Alright...this comes a day earlier than I was going to post it...that's because I plan on being extraordinarily selfish tomorrow...I'm going to sleep in and then eat a Huge Breakfast...go wash my car - and then do as little as possible with the rest of my day...and then - I'm off to see
“My friend told me I could afford a mortgage of blah blah blah…”
Stop right thereÉyour friend is an idiot and you should not listen to anything they say about much you can afford for a mortgageÉunless of course your friend is an actual Mortgage Professional. When it comes time to buying a house or a car or even a dogÉthere are more
Well…would you look at that? BMO “Slashes” key Mortgage Rate
…and they still can’t catch us!  Imagine that, and we didn’t even slash our rate. From the Globe and Mail: Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 3.11.03 PM “BMO’s rate cut comes after Toronto-Dominion Bank lowered its four-year rate to 2.97 per cent earlier in March. Last
Just wanted to reach out to everyone to let you know we have some crazy big changes coming to our website and our blog! Unfortunately at this timeÉour website and our blog operate as two individual components that are increasingly difficult to operate at the same time. BUTÉwe have
…a face for radio.
A while ago I [Jason Dornstauder] was approached to do a Radio Show and answer some Mortgage Questions from Trustedregina.comÕs Facebook subscribers. As I am one of the Trusted Partners, and anyone who knows me knows I love an audienceÉI said, ÒYes!Ó Well, On October 31,
Hi There! We’re Awesome, and that’s why you should choose FOCUS.
It’s me again…Jason. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the guy from FOCUS Mortgage Solutions that composes all of the blogs and goofy rants. I know those who do know me have all been waiting with baited breath for me to come out with a new one…sorry it’s
So…you’re thinking of renting out your basement? You might want to read this first!
It seems that everyone is renting out his or her basements these days, and why not, the money to be made is attractive to say the least Ð the tenant might be as well! LetÕs face itÉif your mortgage payment is $1200.00 per month and you can rent out that basement that you hardly
Magnum PI, Freddie Couples, Myself…and Ripped Pants
I am gonna pull a ÒMagnum PIÓ reference on you right nowÉÓI know what youÕre thinkingÉÓ, those of you old enough to remember when Tom Selleck was the moustached man of mystery will remember it. So, here we go. Starting over. ÒOkay, I know what
It’s blog time!
Okay, okay, okayÉI know i have been a bit ÒAbsentÓ of lateÉ.but come on Ð itÕs summer! IÕve been a little busy. For Instance Ð our Golf Tournament Ð we raised around $4500.00 for Regina KidSport Ð that in itself was quite time consuming!
Just “Google Me”?!
Okay, I know that everyone who reads this blog is a die hard Mortgage News Junkie and you wait for your fix via this blog. Well, I hate to disappoint, but this posting will have almost NOTHING to do with mortgages, the new mortgage changes, blah blah blahÉ Rather, todayÕs message is
It’s HOT!!!!!
I read that yesterday there were like13 hot weather records broken in the provinceÉyikes! Currently I am sitting in my office wishing the air conditioning workedÉbut it is not Ð I am actually melting at the momentÉand I have a pair of clients on their way in to see
BREAKING NEWS!! – Look 2 Exclamations…must be Big!
Once again, the Federal Finance Minister announced MORE Changes to CanadaÕs Mortgage Insurance Rules!! All the while Ð completely ignoring the Credit CardÕs and High Interest Loan Companies. Well Ð I suppose itÕs just easier for him to point 1 finger at a time. Here is