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WHOA!  You're not really going to do that are you?
WHOA!   Hold it right there...before you pull the trigger on taking that BANK Mortgage - maybe you should read this...should only take you 3 minutes. Want to know something incredible? People actually spend more time researching the best price on TIRES than they do on the best pricing
STOP DOING DUMB THINGS!! are your own worst enemy sometimes.
Okay, maybe that sounds a little harsh to some. But that's the way it flies on us! It seems now, more than ever, I hear people bitch and moan about how hard up they are and how unfair the world bothers me to know these people reproduce. They are
WTF Happened?
    That is the Billion Dollar Question. In an age of Risk Management and Restrictions…somewhere along the way, the Mortgage Industry has forgotten there are REAL People involved. While mortgage fraud is a real thing – the number of people committing it are few when
We're Hiring!!
    Are you looking for a Sweet Career Opportunity? Are you a Sales professional looking for something a little more exciting? Want to work in an environment where we’re not afraid to have a little fun…okay, a LOT of fun? You may be what we are looking for! FOCUS