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...and no, it wasn't for that thing we did in Mexico either.   We agreed we would never speak about that again.   Hahahaha.  We're kidding...or are we??   But on a serious side, we are happy to have been featured on Global News on a piece about consumer spending and insanely
Thinking of Refinancing?  It's time to act!
It's time to Refinance if you've been thinking about it. Here are 8 Good Reason's why. ---  1.  Lower Fixed Rate Mortgage:  This one is really a "No Brainer".  If your mortgage is coming due for a renewal - don't be foolish and just take what the bank offers you -
Canada's Top 10 Cities To Buy a New Home!!
It's Official!! Here are the TOP 10 Cities in Canada to buy a home in! --- 10.  Durham/Oshawa, Ontario 9.  Guelph, Ontario 8.  Regina, Saskatchewan 7.  Hamilton, Ontario 6.  Winnipeg, Manitoba 5.  Edmonton, Alberta 4.  Brantford, Ontario 3.  Barrie,
Underwater Housing?!  Yup - It's a Real Thing...and it's not pretty!
You may, or may not, have heard the phrase, "Underwater Housing" as it pertains to Home Value. So...what exactly does this mean?   Good news is it doesn't mean your house is actually underwater.   Bad news is, it's worse than that - it means you OWE more on your home than it is worth.