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If Everyone Lies Then What's The Mortgage Provider Up To guessed it, they are lying too!   “A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Can a “Lie by any other name” have the same effect? Fibs, whoppers, white lies, half-truths, etc…they are still LIES.   And while not all lies are meant to hurt
Is Your Real Estate Agent Lying to You?
...Probably. Real Estate Agents Lie - just like everyone else. Real Estate Agents have a saying, "Buyers are Liars!" And well...I hate to break it to you - but they are right.  Buyers are liars...and so are sellers.   Everybody lies...if you haven't already read our funny little blog
LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!!'s time to exact a little Dr. House Logic here, "EVERYOBODY LIES." Yes, even you.   Some are little wee ones, called "White Lies" and then there are whoppers called "Real Estate Listings". Hahaha.   Okay - we are kidding.  Relax.  You
GREEDY BANKS are Preventing You from Benefiting from Recent Bank of Canada Rate Drop
YOU GOTTA READ THIS!! There are dozens and dozens of articles and blogs on this subject already in why in the hell would we post another one? Simple - because you'll be able to understand ours. Here's the low down. Banks and other Financial Institutions (like Credit Unions)
Will You Struggle if Your Mortgage Payments Grew Slightly
While most Canadians are enjoying the benefit of Cheap Mortgages - the stats from a recent survey (of 2372 people between ages of 20 and 59 with a household income of no less than $50k/annually) completed by the folks at Manulife* showed that many people would be IN TROUBLE if their monthly
The Craziest Stuff Found in Homes
A Look at Some of the INCREDIBLE Things People Have Found in Their Attics, Basements, and even IN THE WALLS of their homes. -- For those of you who have older homes, have you ever went lurking around your house - in the basement, attic, or even wondered what might be burried in your walls or
We're not the kind to say, We Told You So But
..."we told you so." According to the Globe and Mail, Global TV, CTV, and of course our good friends over at the CBC - Regina's Housing Market is in for a pretty big "correction".   Side Note -"Correction" is just a nice way of saying, "a firm kick in the crotch!"- This coming from a study
I would hate to be a Canadian Getting a Mortgage in Canada Today
Along with Strong Credit, a Sizeable Down Payment, and Good Income - YOU NOW NEED TO PROVIDE A KIDNEY! Okay...that might be a bit harsh.  You don't really need to provide a kidney, maybe they'll take one of your children instead? I was on the phone today with one of our Lending
There's Something in Your Pocket But it's not a Wocket
Uh-Oh!!'s about to cost you a little more money to get Mortgage Insurance. It turns out, in the opinion of our Mortgage Insurers that is, that the best way to make lending practices more prudent is it should cost people MORE  to borrow Cheap Money. Did we lose ya just then?
...and no, it wasn't for that thing we did in Mexico either.   We agreed we would never speak about that again.   Hahahaha.  We're kidding...or are we??   But on a serious side, we are happy to have been featured on Global News on a piece about consumer spending and insanely
Thinking of Refinancing?  It's time to act!
It's time to Refinance if you've been thinking about it. Here are 8 Good Reason's why. ---  1.  Lower Fixed Rate Mortgage:  This one is really a "No Brainer".  If your mortgage is coming due for a renewal - don't be foolish and just take what the bank offers you -
Canada's Top 10 Cities To Buy a New Home!!
It's Official!! Here are the TOP 10 Cities in Canada to buy a home in! --- 10.  Durham/Oshawa, Ontario 9.  Guelph, Ontario 8.  Regina, Saskatchewan 7.  Hamilton, Ontario 6.  Winnipeg, Manitoba 5.  Edmonton, Alberta 4.  Brantford, Ontario 3.  Barrie,