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CRA Needs To Know If You Sold Your Home in 2016!
Failure to let CRA know you sold your home in 2016 could cost you up to $8,000.00 in PENALTIES!! When you complete your income tax this year, be sure to report the income.  Before you freak out - this does not mean you will be taxed on the sale of your home, rather it is to claim your
Just Because We Ask Does Not Mean We Will Receive
...would it be weird if we begged? Some of you will be in "the know" about all of the Mortgage Shenanigans we are currently facing - for others, you may have no idea, or perhaps you just don't care.   Regardless of who you are, we still think it is relevant to let you know that despite the
The Landscape for Canadian Mortgages Has Changed
Groan... For those of you who may not have heard...about 2 weeks ago our Dictators in Ottawa decided they understand Canadians and Canadian Finance better than we do ourselves and they took it upon themselves to tell us so.   Unfortunately their delivery was more of a Middle Finger than that
Interest Rates to Rise Modestly But NOT For the Reasons You May Think
Announced today, CMHC will be issuing it's First "Red Warning" on the Canadian Housing Market. ...which bids the question...what colour was it before? So what's going on?  What does this mean? The simplest answer is this, the combination of high housing prices and consumer indebtedness are