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Happy Financial New Year!!
                    Happy Financial New Year Home Owners! Christmas has come and the New Year is almost here. Most people will eat too much, drink too much and in most cases will have spent too much.  Luckily the New Year gives you the
Our D-I-V-O-R-C-E...
Does anyone else hear Tammy Wynette?  Does anyone else know who the hell that is? Well, let me tell you...she was a famous/infamous Country Music artist back in the day.  Her voice makes me want to vomit. But hey, my love of Country and/or Western Music is for another day.  Today
Bacon?! Discount Mortgage Rates?!  Tell me more...
...there's actually nothing to with Bacon here - it was all a tactfully placed trap! Well, maybe not a trap - but more like Bait so you would click on the know - then click on the blog...and make me (the writer) really happy you did. So what's the real reason for this blog?
Your Regina Mortgage Broker Understands...Moving SUCKS!
DISCLAIMER:   You just know it’s gonna be good when you see the word “DISCLAIMER” to start!  Hahaha! What you are about to read is my personal take on the exciting experience referred to as, “Moving”.  Keep in mind, I love to rant – and most of