Buying My First Home

Buying your first home is EXCITING...and a little un-nerving.

But don't sweat it...we've got you covered.

Here's a quick list of what you should do before you take this "Huge" step:


1.  Get PRE-APPROVED. to be sure you meet the minimum criteria to qualify for a mortgage.  There's a lot more going on than you think!  For instance...there are 4 Main Criteria needed for a mortgage.

Click on the link >HERE<for more information on "The Big 4".

2.  ASK Questions.  "Hello McFly?"...You're applying for a MORTGAGE - not ordering a feel free to load up on information by asking questions.  Make an educated decision on how to proceed and resist the urge to act on impulse.  It doesn't hurt to know about Mortgage Insurance either.  Click on that link to learn more.

3.  Have a Budget.  Have an idea of what a comfortable Mortgage Payment is for you...don't forget you also have to pay these new things called "property taxes" and "utilities"...check out our Mortgage Calculator by clicking on the link to get an idea of what Mortgage Payments may be.

4.  Be Prepared.  You're going to have to provide some paper-work for this little endeavour...wouldn't hurt to know what you need.  Documents vary from person to cruise on over HERE and see what you need!

5.  Don't Act on Impulse.  This is a biggy...a lot of people get worked up and think the sky is falling when they see the house they want.  Slow down...take a few breaths...resist those impulsive urges.  Everything happens in it's time...and everything happens for a reason.  Profound right?  Well, not really, we saw it on a fortune cookie - but it makes sense don't you think?

6.  Don't Confuse a Low Rate for a Good Mortgage.  Our rates are awesome, there is no doubt.  However, from time to time some of our competitors will offer a rate that looks "too good to be true"...and it usually is.  If we don't offer it - there is a damn good reason!  Click HERE to see our "Rate Shoppers" page...there's some good stuff there we think you will enjoy.

7.  Make a Checklist.  If you pull the trigger and buy a house - you're gonna need a plan!  Have you considered which Moving Company you are gonna use?  Have you contacted your utility company to let them know of your NEW Address?  Well...have you?  If you have - Good For You!  If you haven''re in one HERE.  You're we said - we've got you covered.

Are you Self Employed?  Then head on over to our Self Employed Section to see how all this applies to you.

Are you NEW to Canada?  Visit our New to Canada information page.  

That wasn't so hard now was it? gonna just sit there or are you ready to take the next step?  Click on the "Apply Now" button below and let's get rockin'!